HCT180-150T-30CP, 6ft Pointed Tip Garland

HCT180-150T-30CP, 6ft Pointed Tip Garland

Our artificial garland is made of high-quality and environment-friendly PVC. There is a wire in the middle of the garland, and the leaves are tightly tied to the wire. The shape of the garland can be changed arbitrarily.
Dimension:6 feet in Length,12" diameter,150 branch tips. In addition, we accept customized products of any size or you can connect several garlands together to make it longer.
Wide range of uses: Christmas decorations can be used both indoors and outdoors. Whether you're decorating doors, windows, walls, mailboxes, staircases, or fireplaces, this wreath is a must-have. During the Christmas season, homes, shopping malls, churches, etc. all need garland decorations. The garland can also be matched with other small decorations to increase the Christmas atmosphere, such as pine nuts, berries, Christmas balls, etc., which are essential items for Christmas and fill the home with festive atmosphere!
Reusable Ornament: This wreath is reusable. After use, put it away, and it can be reused next year after a little tidying up.
We guarantee that our products are manufactured under strict quality standards to bring you a beautiful experience.
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Dongyang Huachi Arts&Crafts Co., Ltd was founded in 2003. We are High Quality Northlight Indoor 6-Ft Artificial Garland Supplier and Wholesale 6ft Christmas Tree Garland Company. It’s located in the Jiangbei development zone of Dongyang City, which is only 1 7 km away from“ YIWU SMALL COMMODITY CITY”. The company covers an area of 20000m², daily out can reach 2 containers of Christmas products. We adhere to " provide customers with reasonable prices of high-quality products", we have established our brand and reputation in the Christmas tree manufacturing industry. We pride ourselves on both the service we provide and the products we offer.


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6ft Pointed Tip Garland's Characteristics:

The 6ft Pointed Tip Garland is a versatile and classic holiday decoration that adds a touch of festive charm to any space. The 6ft Pointed Tip Garland's characteristics make it a versatile and attractive holiday decoration that adds warmth and festivity to your home during the Christmas season. It is a popular choice for adorning mantels, banisters, doorways, and more during the holiday season:

Lush Greenery: This 6ft Pointed Tip Garland is typically crafted from high-quality PVC or PE materials, providing a rich, green backdrop that mimics the appearance of natural evergreen branches.

Pointed Tip Design: The pointed tip design sets this garland apart, creating an elegant and traditional look that resembles the branches of coniferous trees.

Fullness: The 6ft Pointed Tip Garland is designed to be full and bushy, with densely packed branches that provide a substantial and attractive appearance.

Versatility: Its 6-foot length allows for versatile decorating options. You can drape it along mantels, wrap it around stair railings, or use it as a decorative accent on tables or windowsills.

Durability: Crafted to withstand the holiday season, this garland is durable and designed for repeated use in future years.

Customization: While many 6ft Pointed Tip Garlands come unadorned, they offer the flexibility to personalize with lights, ornaments, ribbons, and other festive embellishments to match your holiday theme.

Easy Maintenance: Unlike fresh garlands, this artificial version doesn't shed needles or require watering, making it a low-maintenance and mess-free choice.

6ft Christmas Tree Garland:

The 6ft Christmas Tree Garland is a beloved holiday decoration that enhances the festive ambiance of your home. This versatile garland is designed to capture the spirit of the season while offering a range of practical and decorative benefits:

Realistic Aesthetics: Crafted from high-quality PVC or PE materials, this garland offers a realistic and vibrant greenery that resembles the branches of a traditional Christmas tree.

Generous Length: With a 6-foot length, it provides ample coverage for various decorating purposes. Whether draped along a mantel, woven through a banister, or used as a table centerpiece, its generous size accommodates different spaces.

Customization: The 6ft Christmas Tree Garland often comes unadorned, allowing you to personalize it with lights, ornaments, ribbons, and other decorations that match your holiday theme and color scheme.

Durability: Built to withstand the holiday season, this garland is crafted for long-lasting use, ensuring it remains a cherished part of your holiday traditions for years to come.

Low Maintenance: Unlike fresh garlands, this artificial version doesn't shed needles, maintaining its lush appearance throughout the season. It also eliminates the need for watering and frequent upkeep.

Versatile Decorating: The 6ft Christmas Tree Garland can be used in various ways to accentuate your holiday decor. Its flexibility and adaptability make it a go-to choice for adorning mantels, staircases, doorways, and more.

Easy Storage: After the holiday season, this garland can be conveniently stored without the need for special care, ensuring it's ready for next year's celebrations.

The 6ft Christmas Tree Garland combines the beauty of traditional Christmas tree branches with the versatility of a decorative garland. Its realistic aesthetics, generous length, customization options, durability, and low maintenance make it a popular choice for adding festive charm to your home during the Christmas season.