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Dongyang Huachi Arts&Crafts Co., Ltd was founded in 2003. We are Custom Christmas Garland Manufacturer and OEM/ODM Christmas Garland Factory.The company covers an area of 20000m², daily out can reach 2 containers of Christmas products. The total export amount is over RMB 50,000,000 per year. The company has abundant capital, complete equipment, experienced technical personnel, and a perfect management system. We adhere to " provide customers with reasonable prices of high-quality products", we have established our brand and reputation in the Christmas tree manufacturing industry. We pride ourselves on both the service we provide and the products we offer.


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Christmas Holiday Decorative Garland

During the festive Christmas season, decorative garlands serve as charming additions to homes, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Christmas garlands are versatile and can be used in various ways, enhancing the holiday spirit.

1. Traditional Greenery Garlands: These classic Christmas Holiday Decorative Garlands are made of artificial pine or fir branches, designed to resemble the appearance of real evergreen foliage. This Christmas Garland often comes pre-lit with clear or multicolor lights and can be adorned with pine cones, red berries, or bows for added festive flair. Traditional greenery garlands are perfect for mantels, staircases, and doorways.

2. Tinsel and Metallic Garlands: Tinsel garlands feature shimmering, metallic strands that add a touch of sparkle and glimmer to your holiday decor. This Christmas Garland comes in a variety of colors, including silver, gold, red, and green. Tinsel garlands are great for decorating Christmas trees and wreaths or draping along banisters and windows.

3. Beaded Garlands: Beaded garlands are crafted from strings of small, colorful beads. These Christmas garlands can be used to decorate trees, wreaths, and centerpieces. They add a touch of sophistication and can come in various bead sizes and arrangements.

4. Floral Garlands: Floral garlands incorporate artificial flowers, such as poinsettias, roses, or holly, intertwined with greenery. These Christmas garlands bring a natural and festive feel to your decor and can be used on mantels, tables, or as part of a floral arrangement.

5.Burlap and Ribbon Garlands: These Christmas Holiday Decorative Garlands feature rustic materials like burlap and ribbon. This Christmas Garland is often adorned with bows, bells, or other holiday-themed accents. Burlap and ribbon garlands are great for creating a cozy, farmhouse-style Christmas atmosphere.

6. Wood and Pinecone Garlands: Wood and pinecone garlands add a rustic and woodland touch to your decor. This Christmas Garland is typically made of wooden beads, slices, or pinecones, creating a warm and natural aesthetic. These garlands are suitable for adorning mantels and tabletops.

Whether you prefer a traditional, elegant, rustic, or whimsical look, there's a Christmas Holiday Decorative Garland to suit your festive needs. These versatile decorations add charm and cheer to your home, helping create lasting holiday memories.

Artificial Christmas garlands offer a versatile and decorative way to adorn your home during the holiday season. They come in various styles and materials, allowing you to customize your holiday decor to match your personal aesthetic. Here are some popular types of artificial Christmas garlands:

Pine or Fir Garland: These Artificial Christmas garlands are classic and timeless garlands made from artificial pine or fir branches. These artificial Christmas garlands closely resemble the look of real evergreen foliage and often come pre-lit with warm white or multicolored LED lights. Pine or fir garlands are versatile and can be draped on mantels, staircases, railings, and around doorways.

Ribbon Garland: Ribbon garlands are made from decorative holiday ribbons. These artificial Christmas garlands can be used to create bows and streamers on Christmas trees or to add a touch of color and pattern to wreaths and mantels. Ribbon garlands are available in a wide range of styles, from traditional to whimsical.

Berry and Pinecone Garland: These Artificial Christmas garlands incorporate artificial berries and pinecones into their design, adding a natural and rustic element to your holiday decor. They are perfect for creating a woodland or farmhouse-themed Christmas ambiance.

Ornament Garland: Ornament garlands feature miniature Christmas ornaments strung together. These artificial Christmas garlands come in various styles and colors, allowing you to coordinate with your overall decor theme. Ornament garlands can be used to decorate trees, mantels, and staircases.