Mini Desktop Snowy Christmas Tree

Mini Desktop Snowy Christmas Tree

Raw material: This product is made of high-quality green PVC plastic and plastic feet. There is a layer of snow powder on the leaves, which brings a strong sense of winter.
Size:18 inches in height with 73 leaves. Other sizes can also be customized.
Decoration scene: This mini desktop tree is full of a festive atmosphere. You can put it in your kitchen, dining table or desk and any other small place. It is also a good choice to give it to friends and family members as a Christmas gift.
No decoration design - there are no decorations on the Christmas tree, which allow you to be creative and decorate various decorations according to your preferences. You can enjoy the time building this small tree with your children. Apart from the size, you can't see the difference between the real tree and our tree. The snow powder on the trees adds a natural atmosphere.
Simple and convenient assembly: the mini Christmas tree just needs to unfold the leaves of the Christmas tree, and then simply adjust them to make the branches fluffy.
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Dongyang Huachi Arts&Crafts Co., Ltd was founded in 2003. We are High Quality Design Mini Desktop Snowy Christmas Tree Supplier and Wholesale PVC Mini Christmas Tree Company. It’s located in the Jiangbei development zone of Dongyang City, which is only 1 7 km away from“ YIWU SMALL COMMODITY CITY”. The company covers an area of 20000m², daily out can reach 2 containers of Christmas products. We adhere to " provide customers with reasonable prices of high-quality products", we have established our brand and reputation in the Christmas tree manufacturing industry. We pride ourselves on both the service we provide and the products we offer.


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PVC Mini Desktop Snowy Christmas Tree

The PVC Mini Desktop Snowy Christmas Tree is a charming and compact holiday decoration that brings the magic of a winter wonderland to your tabletop or workspace. This miniature Christmas tree is designed to capture the essence of a snowy landscape, creating a festive and enchanting atmosphere. Here's what you need to know about this delightful holiday accessory:

1. Compact Size: The PVC Mini Desktop Snowy Christmas Tree is petite in stature, typically ranging from 12 inches to 24 inches in height. Its small size makes it perfect for adorning desks, shelves, countertops, and even windowsills, adding a touch of holiday cheer to any space.

2. Realistic Design: Despite its diminutive size, this artificial tree boasts a realistic appearance. Crafted from high-quality PVC materials, the tree features lifelike branches that mimic the look of a freshly snow-covered evergreen. The snow-frosted tips add to the authenticity of the winter scene.

3. Easy Assembly: Setting up this PVC Mini Desktop Snowy Christmas Tree is a breeze. It often comes in a compact package and can be assembled within minutes. The branches are flexible and adjustable, allowing you to shape the tree to your desired fullness and appearance.

4. Decorative Accents: Many PVC Mini Desktop Snowy Christmas Trees come adorned with miniature ornaments, pinecones, ribbons, or even tiny LED lights. These decorative elements add a festive touch and eliminate the need for additional decor.

5. Versatility: These PVC Mini Desktop Snowy Christmas Tree are versatile decorations. They can serve as a standalone centerpiece or complement your existing holiday decor. Some people use them as placeholders for small gifts or as part of a holiday village scene.

6. Low Maintenance: Maintenance is minimal with this mini tree. Unlike larger Christmas trees, there are no tangled lights or extensive decorating efforts. Simply set it up, and it's ready to spread holiday cheer.

7. Space-Saving: The compact size of the PVC Mini Desktop Snowy Christmas Tree makes it an excellent choice for individuals with limited space, such as students in dorm rooms or office workers looking to add a festive touch to their workspace.

8. Holiday Spirit: Despite its size, this PVC Mini Desktop Snowy Christmas Tree packs a big dose of holiday spirit. Its snowy appearance and charming design evoke feelings of joy, nostalgia, and the magic of the season.

Snow Frosted Christmas Tree

The Snow Frosted Christmas Tree is a stunning and enchanting holiday decoration that brings the beauty of a winter landscape into your home. With its snowy appearance and realistic design, this artificial tree captures the essence of a serene winter's day. Here are the key features of the Snow Frosted Christmas Tree:

1. Snow-Covered Appearance: The Snow Frosted Christmas Tree is designed to replicate the look of a real evergreen tree after a fresh snowfall. Each branch is coated with a layer of snow-like flocking, creating a picturesque winter scene in your home.

2. Variety of Sizes: These snow-f Frosted Christmas Trees are available in various sizes, from tabletop versions to towering statement pieces that can reach up to 9 feet in height. This range allows you to choose a tree that suits your space and decor preferences.

3. Realistic Branches: Crafted from high-quality PVC or PE (polyethylene) materials, the branches of the Snow Frosted Christmas Tree closely resemble the appearance of natural evergreen needles. They are sturdy and lifelike, providing a solid foundation for ornaments and decorations.

4. Pre-Lit Options: Many Snow Frosted Christmas Trees come pre-lit with clear or multicolored LED lights. These lights are evenly distributed throughout the tree, creating a warm and inviting glow that enhances the snowy effect.

5. Easy Assembly: Setting up the Snow Frosted Christmas Tree is straightforward. It typically features a hinged branch design, allowing for easy assembly and shaping. The branches can be fluffed to create a full and natural look.

6. Customizable Decor: The snowy branches provide a beautiful backdrop for your ornaments and decorations. Whether you prefer a classic, rustic, or whimsical theme, the Snow Frosted Christmas Tree can be personalized to match your holiday style.

7. Versatile Decorating: These Snow Frosted Christmas trees can be adorned with a wide range of ornaments, including snowflakes, pinecones, ribbons, and more. The snowy backdrop adds a touch of elegance and seasonal charm to your decor.

8. Winter Wonderland Ambiance: The Snow Frosted Christmas Tree brings a winter wonderland ambiance to your home, evoking feelings of coziness and nostalgia. It's the perfect centerpiece for holiday gatherings and celebrations.